Trust me

   I've been there too

Have you ever struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while trying to balance work, family, and a “normal” life?

Have you ever gone on crash diets, only to become frustrated and return to your “old” way of living?


Have you ever wanted something for your health, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone? 

Are you tired of obsessively counting calories, points, macronutrient grams – even glasses of water?

Do you get stressed over social gatherings because food will be involved?

Do you try to avoid looking in the mirror or having pictures taken of you?

Have you tried all sorts of diet programs and none of them have worked.


I help both men and women who have been struggling to eat right and lose those extra stubborn pounds so, they can fit into their favorite pair of jeans without starving themselves to death.


I'm on a divine mission to help less -motivated men & women like yourself from wasting time and  energy.


More importantly, money on the seemingly perpetual struggle with food, weight, and body image, so you can feel confident, energized, and ALIVE, without yo-yo dieting and without giving up all the things you love.

I mean, don’t you have more important – and more fulfilling – things to do with your money, than spending it on useless diet gimmicks?

Here’s the thing, though. Right now, you’re feeling stuck and frustrated right? Well, let's do something about it!

Need help achieving your goals?

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I'm Mo'nique Wampler.

Your Holistic Health Coach/ Personal Trainer & CEO of Thymeless Transformations LLC.

I help both men & women achieve their healthiest and happiest selves by finding the balance between nutrition and fitness that works best for their unique body type. I empower busy individuals who successfully balance work, family, social life, and many other commitments, the opportunity to make time for themselves - by realizing their goals to feel confident about their bodies.

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              My personalized Health and Wellness Services come in a variety of 

                          forms. I currently offer 12 Health Coaching Services:

  • REVOLUTIONIZE: My services are fully supported, solutions for those ready to make a mental and physical health transformation, including being balanced, losing weight, dealing with emotional eating, or jumping off the “diet roller coaster”.

  • REVITALIZE: The best option for busy professionals, mommies, or families, who want to find a sustainable way to incorporate nutrition and healthy living into their demanding lifestyles. Also ideal for those wanting to manage chronic conditions through making healthier food choices.

  • RENEW: The program for those looking to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle and renew their commitment to wellness.

  • REFOCUS: The answer for time-strapped individuals who want accountability to refocus on their health, by making small weekly changes that add up to big results.

Consciously cultivating the ideal healthy lifestyle.

               "It's My Religion"