"Thymeless Platinum Transformation "

  Overview of program.


My coaching programs are customized to meet your exactly where you are, and to "Stretch" you into being the best version of yourself?

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Thymeless Coaching


I've discovered how to help men and women who are stressed out or busy  transform their lives.


After passionate research, I’ve realized that it’s time to turn my passion into practical knowledge for the real world.


I have put together the skill that you can use in your everyday life that will help you gain more energy, confidence, self-worth, and happiness.

"A step-by-step program to create a Thymeless Transformation in 90 days".

Thymeless Platinum Coaching In 12 Weekly Sessions!

The 12 weekly sessions of the 90-Day Thymeless Platinum Coaching program will help you get more in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that guide your everyday choices. The program will empower you to make healthier food choices, healthy decisions, increase your confidence, self-worth, and discover what you need and how to provide it.

Session 1 – Foundations

You will be doing some desired goal setting to uncover your motivating factors and anchoring those goals, while clearing out the clutter to make room for future success.

Session  2– Positive Energy Thinking

You will be learning about high energy food: Foods that give you energy vs. taking energy away. We'll be taking you through a experiential exercise (Chewing).

Session  3– Honoring Your Emotions

You'll learn how to control your emotions - How to honor them and why it's so important.

Session 4– Pleasure and Motovation

Learn about pleasure and how it drives our habits. You will also learn a technique called Mental Rehearsal which is done by Top Athletes to prepare themselves for success.

Sessions 5-6: Learn to recognize self-sabotage and replace destructive habits

with nourishing habits.

Everyone falls off track at some point in their program and that is OKAY! You will learn how to recognize when this is about to happen and prep yourself to recognize it. As you start to experience change your critter brain wants to freak out and resort to your old habits and head back to your comfort zone. In session 6, you will help your inner rebel be expressed in non-destructive ways (a.k.a no more self-sabotaging behaviors) and brainstorm more nourishing choices to add into your life.

Session 5– Self Sabotage

You we be learning about self-sabotage, the role it's been previously playing in your life, and how it's holding you back from achieving the life you want.

Session 6– Embracing Your Inner Child

Learn how to embrace your inner child in a fun, supportive way rather than a destructive way, to help break up the routine of every day adulthood.

Sessions 7-10: Techniques for managing stress and stepping into your personal power.

One thing we have ample amounts of in this world is stress. It will show up in different ways, but being able to manage and reduce it is key to helping you improve your overall mood and help you relax.

In addition, You will address the underlying cause of what wants to be nourished so there’s no more self-medicating with your compulsions (food, social media, alcohol, etc.). You will also learn to acknowledge and reframe any additional negative self-loathing thoughts that could be keeping you from living into your best life. Your story creates your biology.

Session 8– Stress & Relaxation

Learn all about stress, what it is, what it does, how to relax. and how you can de-stress any time, anywhere in two minutes or less.

Session 9– Unlocking Personal Power

Learn how to unlock your personal power and begin transforming your pain in to inner-strength and power.

Session 10– Stress & Relaxation

Learn to recognize your progress and how far you've come.

Sessions 11-12: New baseline. It's time to "Imagine" and dream bigger!

By now you have created a new baseline of BEING. Whether you've completely crushed your original goal, or found some new ones along the way, by now you are thinking and doing things differently. These two sessions are really fun as you get to stretch yourself into dreaming bigger and see all that you wish to accomplish in this lifetime.

You get to celebrate all of your accomplishments over the last 90 days and depending on your next goals, it's about saying YES to your desires by stepping up even more for yourself. Support, accountability, and STRETCH are everything when you are striving for the highest possible version of yourself!

Session 11– Life Inventory

Learn all about stress, what it is, what it does, how to relax. and how you can de-stress any time, anywhere in two minutes or less.

Session 12– Empowerment

Commemorate your completion as you continue your journey and beyond.


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