How I lost 160 Pounds

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Looking back, I could have never ever imagine that something so difficult would feel so incredibly rewarding. This mantra has also become a theme for my life. I look at my most difficult moments and challenges, and I find inspiration and motivation in them.


It is that motivation that has driven me past any expectations I have ever had for myself and created the person I am today.

How my journey began.

My journey began about 12 months and 160 pounds ago. I still remember stepping on the scale and watching the numbers flutter and finally land on a very scary 298.6 lbs. In September 2016, at age 50+, I weighed 298.6 pounds. I still remember seeing my doctor following some blood tests he had strongly encouraged me to have done. The results had come back, and he told me very frankly that I would not make it to 55. The tests showed that I had an enlarged liver.

At that time, the only option I was presented with was the gastric sleeve surgery, which involves the surgical removal of half of my stomach and an intensive six- to eight-month recovery process. Both my doctor and surgeon would later strongly emphasize to me that there was a 99 percent chance that I would never lose the weight on my own, and this was the best and only option to ensure some sort of improvement to my deteriorating health and poor quality of life. It's scary, for a woman my age, to feel completely helpless and to have allowed myself to get so big. 

The pre-surgical process was grueling. It entailed several months of extensive tests, going from one doctor to the next, and continuously receiving the same grim prognosis: I was morbidly obese, and this was the only thing that could save my life. I was scheduled to have my surgery done on March 23rd, 2018; The day before, I cancelled my appointment. There just had to be another way for me to lose the and get into shape.

My surgery was cancelled indefinitely, and I began significantly changing my lifestyle and immersed myself in healthier habits by overhauling my diet and intensifying my fitness regimen


If I can do it! anybody can.

For the first time in my life, I recognized that health & wellness, along with happiness came from positive choices I'd made in my life. By Jan 2019, I had lost approximately 160 pounds, without any surgery or outside assistance. Pure determination and a drive to live a long and healthy life were my motivation to continue even when I felt frustrated or wanted to give up.